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ImuTek is all about helping our customers reach the most profit potential in using our products. From small family farms to large operators we offer our “pure colostrum” in whatever way that benefits you most.  
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ImuTek is the nation’s leader in the collection, production and marketing of high quality bovine colostrum. ImuTek is one of only three facilities licensed by the US Department of Agriculture for the production of bovine colostrum products. We were the first processor to receive approval from the USDA for the claim of passive transfer of IgG (immunoglobulins) antibodies in dry colostrum. Our focus has always been to listen to the marketplace to find better ways of developing specific applications for our colostrum products to serve our customers.
“To provide you, our customer the freshest, highest quality colostrum in
the marketplace.”

Our “Certified First Milking” colostrum products naturally contain high levels
of IgG, IGF-1 and 47 other immune strengthening properties to help animals stay healthy and thrive.

We know healthy animals mean healthy profits for you. That’s why we work to formulate the best product applications for your business.

No matter what your colostrum needs you can count on ImuTek products for maximum health results.


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